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How to Switch old Gmail account to new account

Switching Old Gmail Account to New One is easy through Gmail Technical Support !

Although some users know as to how to switch from an old Gmail account to the new one, yet a majority of users are totally clueless about doing this work all alone. They, in the fit of confusion, call Gmail technical support executive to finish this task. However, they have a second alternative which they can use in order to migrate from old account to the new one:-

  • First you should sign into the old Gmail account and then choose Settings-> Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Now choose the option Enable POP for all mail
  • After that choose archive Gmail’s copy under the head When messages are accessed with POP
  • Now choose Delete Gmail’s copy
  • After that click on Save Changes
  • Now click the picture in the top right corner of Gmail
  • After that choose Sign out
  • Now sign in to the new Gmail account and then click on Settings
  • After that choose Settings button
  • Now go to the tab named Accounts and Import
  • Now click on Add a mail account under the head Check mail from other accounts
  • Now enter your Gmail ID from which you are willing to import under the email id
  • Now click on Next
  • now ensure that you have selected the option Import emails from my other account(POP3)
  • Now hit on Next
  • After that verify that you have entered the user name of Gmail account in a correct way under the Username
  • Now type the Gmail account’s password from which you are willing to import under the head Password
  • Now choose pop.gmail.com under the head POP server
  • Now choose 995 under the head Port
  • Next make sure that the option Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server is not selected
  • Now ensure that Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail option is checked
  • Now click the option Add Account
  • After that choose Yes, I want to be able to send mail as -@gmail.com
  • Now click on Next
  • After that enter your name and hit on Next step
  • Leave the option Treat as an alias as checked
  • Now click on the option Next Step
  • Next click on the option Send Verification
  • Now click on Close Window
  • Next click your icon
  • Now choose Sign out
  • After that sign into Gmail
  • Now open the Gmail confirmatino message
  • Next copy the confirmation code under the head Confirmation code
  • Now click the icon of the account
  • Now choose Sign Out
  • After that sign into the Gmail account again, the same account which you want to import
  • Now choose Settings and open the tab Accounts and Import
  • Click on the Verify button under the head Send mail as:
  • Now paste this verification code under the head Enter and verify the confirmation code and then click on Verify

If you are unable to understand these steps, then call Gmail tech support phone number quickly. Technicians are available at 24x7 hours for your support 

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