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How to Recover Google account password ?

Google account users several times face issues in accessing their Gmail account in which they are unable to sign in because of their account password. All these issues, on the other hand, can be solved with the use of certain troubleshooting steps that are made of it.


Therefore, google account recovery can either be done by resetting the forgotten password or by changing the password itself. If the user has forgotten their Google account password they can follow these below-mentioned step and can make a new password instantly. The user should remember that they can’t get the old password instead they will have to create a new password for their Gmail account. So, to recover the Gmail password the below-mentioned password needs to be followed by the user:


  • First of all, open the web browser and go to http://www.gmail.com

  • After going to this link the user is supposed to click on the forgot password option mentioned on that page.

  • In the password option, the user can enter their last password.

  • If not then click on option namely try a different question for recovery.

  • Then process the verification steps with the use of the registered phone number or the alternate email address according to the user preference.

  • When the user clicks on the appropriate verification method they will get a code on it.

  • After getting the code the user is required to enter it in the required space correctly.

  • Once the user enters the code they’ll get a box in which they need to enter their new password in the correct space.

  • The user should again re-enter their new password so as to confirm it.

  • Lastly, click on the change password option and the password will be recovered.


Therefore, these are the google account recovery steps that the user needs to undertake so as to recover their Gmail account. Furthermore, if the user is facing issues after they have signed in to their Gmail account then for this they should immediately change their account password as many times the accounts get hacked and it gets more difficult for the user to get back their account. So, for changing the Google account password the below-given steps needs to be followed :


  • Go to the sign in page of Google.

  • Go to the username option and should enter the email address.

  • From there the user needs to go the password menu and enter the password.

  • Select sign in.

  • Then go to my account menu and select the sign in and security option.

  • Click on sign into Google option and then click on a password.

  • Now the user is supposed to enter their new password in the given box.

  • Lastly, select change password.


Hence, these are the ways by which the user can change their Google account password and can get back the access to their Gmail account. Besides, if the user faces issues in the above-mentioned methods of recovering the Google account then they can simply contact on the google account recovery number and can get the assistance from the concerned representatives available on the phone lines.

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