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How to enable Gmail desktop notifications in Google chrome & other browser

How to Enable Gmail Desktop Notifications

Most of the Gmail users search for information and related details regarding how to enable Gmail desktop notification. They approach Gmail Technical Support for proper instructions and guidelines in this particular matter. The staffs and executives of Gmail Technical Support provides help in a timely manner to its long list of esteemed existing and potential users in the open market. They understand the pulse of their valued users so try their best to solve their simple and serious issues in a successful manner. In the open market, the technicians and engineers of Gmail technical support has earned a name for itself through its best services with a lot of perfection. Within a stipulated timeframe, they solve the minor and major problems of their esteemed users.

Here are the steps related to how to enable Gmail desktop notifiocation:

  • Open Gmail in Chrome and sign in
  • Then press the ‘cog’ icon in the upper-right to selectSettings
  • Under the “General” tab find the section titled ‘Desktop Notifications’
  • Press the ‘..enable desktop notifications…’ text
  • Then do select one of the three options listed
  • New Mail Notifications  – see alerts for all messages that land in your primary inbox
  • Important Mail Notifications – only see alerts for mail marked as ‘important’
  • Mail Notifications Off – don’t show any mail alerts

In case, when you are done scroll to the bottom of the page plus hit the ‘Save Changes‘ button.

At present, whenever Gmail is successfully open in Chrome, you will see proper notifications of new e-mails according to your settings. On the other hand, if you are using default Chrome notifications (e.g. on Chrome OS) then by clicking on a significant notification will perfectly open it up in Gmail, while those you choose to totally ignore will disappear from the screen after a few seconds. 

If you are not able to do this Contact Gmail Technical Support Team for help

Gmail technical support can be approached through its officially given toll free numbers, Gmail technical support phone numbers, Gmail customer service numbers, contact email id, online chat facilities, etc. The team of Gmail technical support can be contacted from anywhere and at anytime by its long list of esteemed new and old customers in the open market. It is to be remembered that best services are provided in a satisfactory manner to its valued users with a lot of perfection. They serve its users on first come first serve basis. They are friendly in nature. They understand the needs and requirements of its users whenever they face issues of major and minor aspects related to Gmail. They stand with them to solve or rectify their simple and serious issues in a successful manner.

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