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How to Change Recovery Phone Number & Email id on Gmail account

Gmail-How To Change Recovery Email Address And Phone Number In It

Gmail is the only mail app that has been incorporated through the latest features.After it owned through the biggest giant Google,it has done lots of improvement in the privacy and security aspects.With the help of it both personal and professional mail could be managed without any trouble.

No Doubt it doesn’t create any hassle but there could be certain situations that might be difficult to handle.To get help with that,individual's need to connect with the support team.To be connected with the support team,users are required to dial the Gmail tech support phone number that would be easy to find over the customer support site.In exchange of getting help,users are required to pay some money that can be paid easily at anytime.


Several issues are there that has been solved through the support team in which users may see resolution for one:

What is the method to change the recovery phone number?


  • First users are required to click over  “My Account”option
  • Through the section of "Personal info & privacy" , users need to select the option for “Your personal info”
  • Individuals may now select the option for “Phone”
  • From here individual’s could:
  • Add the recovery phone number:From the section of  "Recovery phone," users need to select the option for” Add recovery phone”
  • Change the recovery phone number: From next to the phone number, users are required to choose the option for” Edit” .
  • From the box that would appear,users should choose the option for “Update number”
  • It is now required to enter the  phone number and follow the onscreen instructions.


How recovery email address could be changed in Gmail?

  • First users are required to “Sign in” with the “My Account” option
  • Through the option for "Personal info & privacy" section, users are required to select the personal info.
  • Individuals may now select the option for “Email”
  • Now from here individuals could:
  • Do the addition of recovery email: From next to the "Recovery email," users are required to choose the option for “Add recovery email”
  • Change the recovery email: Through the"Recovery email," users are required to select their email address.
  • It is now required to enter the recovery email address.
  • Individuals may now tap the option for “Done”.


Why it is required to dial the Gmail toll free number at the time of urgency?

It is always good to reach the toll free number of Gmail because it always helps the users at the time of urgency.With the help of it ,individuals may connect with the live technician.The tech support team of Gmail responds over the first call only and guide the account holders throughout the solution.Users are required to pay the minimum amount of money in exchange of getting solution.In case individuals wouldn’t be satisfied through the solved problem they are not liable to pay any kind of fee.Individuals may also get help through the different modes but it would be always good if the customers would dial the help number of getting help.

What are the facts that support the reason that individuals should contact technical team of Gmail?


  • Individuals may get help round the clock
  • Solution at the cost effective rates
  • Faster resolution for all the major bugs
  • Technical team could be contacted anytime if required
  • Immediate response over the Gmail queries
  • Remote access techniques applied through the experts for getting the best solution

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    Please help me my email &phone number recovery
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    Change my Gmail phone number my bomber is 8420138815 please
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    I can't forget this id password
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    I want to change gmail recovery phone number
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    Can't use phone or text or accept text or phone calls HELP
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    Kelly dutton
    I want to remove my sons gmail and phone number

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