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How to Block Senders in Gmail | Block Unwanted Emails

Email is the most easiest and faster way of communication these days. At the same time, it is the era of designing and development of various web sites for the business purpose. So internet is the major part in the communication and web development. In this process, many authentic and unauthentic email ids are generated. These are millions in numbers. It is impossible, many times, to recognize,  that which one is authentic and which one is suspicious. Many times it happens that user just open an email from a unknown sender and the whole computer or system get affected by the virus. Many times emails asks about the personal information from the user like account number, passwords, credit card details etc. These emails are written in such a way that many users unknowingly provide their details and later regret for their loss. 

So what can a person do in such situation? The most important thing is not to provide any personal information to any body which may harm your email account or bank account. Secondly, if user is getting emails from any unknown person continuously, then he can block that email id forever. It is easy in Gmail to block any email id.
  1. Open any message from the particular suspicious or unknown contact.
  2. In the starting of the message, in its right side, user can see three dots. Click on that icon.
  3. In the drop down menu, user can see the option to Block.
  4. Click on that option.
  5. Now the sender has been blocked. It means, user will not find emails from this particular sender in his inbox.
  6. All the messages from this sender will now drop in the spam box. 
  7. When any email id is blocked and considered as spam , the Gmail Technical Support Team consistently keep a watch on that id.
 It is always advised that user should not share his information to anyone. Also user should not respond to unknown contacts. In case any problem is there, user can feel free to call at the Gmail Tech Support Phone Number. This is a 24/7 customer care service. The executives are always present on the line to help and provide instant Gmail Technical Support.

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