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How to Add Security Question in Gmail

Use the security question to keep your Gmail account safe

Google has introduced many modes of security process to keep your account secured from every aspect. Google understands that you use the account for important purposes and many confidential data are transferred through Gmail, so they regularly update the security system. The importance of Google account has been increasing in leaps and bounds ever since Google has introduced wide many services operable through a single account and Google is accessible on mobile devices. So, it is compulsory that you keep your vital accounts safe and updated always. Adding security question is one such step which you should take seriously. In this matter, you can take help of Google account recovery phone number and the learn the process of adding a security question and its importance. Apart from adding an alternative email address and mobile phone number, you can also use security question in case you forget the password.

Best ways to keep Google account safe

You have to follow three processes to keep your Gmail absolutely safe. These days, hackers are trying wide many ways to hack your account, but Google is too strong and updated in this matter. You just need to keep your mobile number registered with Google, keep an alternative email address registered, and add security question in you google profile.

This information comes handy when your account is hacked or when you just want to reset your password. If your mobile number or alternative email is not accessible or working for any reason, the security question can solve the issue.

How to set security question?

Google security question is the oldest process of maintaining the security of Google or Gmail. You will be given a number of options to set a question and then answer it. Some questions go like the following ones:

  • What is your nickname?
  • What was the name of your primary school?
  • Who is your favorite movie hero?

The process of setting suitable question is as follows:

Step 1: You need to “Sign in”, and then click the “gear option” available on the upper right-hand corner of the Google account.

Step 2: Here you will find the option “Accounts and imports” which is to be opened.

Step 3: Here you will find the option “Change Password Recovery options” which is to be clicked.

Step 4: Here you will find the option “Security Questions” with a dropdown option of several security questions. Just use a question and provide a suitable answer and your job is done.

You can take help from Gmail technical support phone number to proceed through the steps accurately in case you feel the steps a bit tricky. At the same time, keep in mind the following things:

  • Put a suitable answer against the question. The answer that you will be able to remember accurately later.
  • Save the security question and its answer in some other places too, like take a screenshot and make a file of it. 

If you have any other Query read our blog for other information here we are providing only information about Gmail Issue & news .

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    I wanted to add security question, deleted the existing (suggested) one and now no option to add new security question is available. Can you please fix this? Thank you
  2. Avatar
    I can't find the accounts and imports thing! {Step 2: Here you will find the option “Accounts and imports” which is to be opened.}
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    tomas hlodan
    cant set up security question option does not exist....when i am abroad asking answer which i never set up anyway...you are crap
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    Francine Dickerson
    My old cell phone broke down and cannot be accessed.....same phone number on the new phone...HOW do I get my contacts and pictures from the old phone if I can't turn it on?????????
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    I lost my phone and l have forgotten my password,security questions and recovering email...priscabodiki@gmail.com that's the email l need help

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