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How to Add or fix Business address on google maps?

To fix Your business address  on Google Map

Working on the google map is a very convenient option for the users as they can easily get the location and reach to a place without any issue. The bect part is that the users can also get the exact location where they are at the point of time which helps them to avoid being lost. Users can also calculate the distance between two places on the google map as well as the time to reach the place at the specific time after the traffic condition.

But it sometimes happens while working on the google map that the users are not able to get the accurate address. In such situation users need not to be worried as they can get the solution for their issues.

Users can get some of the simple steps to resolve their issues and continue their work on the google map

  • Open google map and make sure you are signed in
  • Zoom in to the place where you want to get
  • In the bottom right, click send feedback
  • Click on the option of add missing place
  • Drag the marker where your business is
  • Add the relevant information
  • Click on the submit option

These steps will help the users to get the access of the address on the google map which will be accessible for all the viewers and make it easy for them to reach the place.


Users can also get the solution for the issues which they face while working on the google map as they can get the Google map customer service which will help them to find the appropriate solution for their issues and make it easy for them to work on the map services. Users can also call on the google map technical support phone number and get connected with the technical experts.

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