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Access Gmail without internet-Offline mode

Google has become a part and parcel of our lives, we search on Google, watch videos on YouTube, use Android OS in our smartphone, use Gmail for email communication and a whole bunch of services offered by Google with which Google is directly or indirectly linked. One of the most important Google application is Gmail. It’s an email based service which allows users to send and receive emails without any cost. Apart from providing email benefits to its customers, Gmail also has contacts and calendaring services. Also ,when you create an account on Gmail you are entitled to all Google services that are free of cost. You have an account in YouTube to watch videos, you can use Android OS to login with this same Gmail account and a lot more.

Once of the best feature provided by Gmail is its offline access to emails. Offline access refers to the feature of being able to see your emails without using internet. This is possible if you have certain settings on your Gmail account. These settings that allow you to check your emails without having to connect to internet so it comes in handy in situations where there is low speed internet around you
To enable Gmail offline mode for your account, please follow the steps below
Step 1) First of all, on your computer or laptop and then open Google Chrome web browser. If must be noted that Gmail offline mode is available only in Google Chrome. There is no other browser where you can use Gmail in offline mode
Step 2) When you have opened Google chrome, navigate to your Gmail account on it by typing the password and username
Step 3) Once you have logged in successfully, go to the link for Gmail settings in offline mode
Step 4) In the next step, all you need to do is click on the "Enable offline mail” option. This option will allow the Gmail offline mode to be enabled for your account
Step 5) After you have selected the Offline mode, next you need to provide the settings for offline mode which include the number of days for which you want the messages to be synced with the server.
Step 6) After completing the settings, click on Save changes. All your settings for offline mode will now be changed.
Now Gmail is ready to be used in Offline mode in Google Chrome.
If you face any issues in opening Gmail in offline mode, please do not hesitate to contact Gmail tech support team or Gmail customer Service Number
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